Toddler (25-36 months)

Pic-ToddlerIn this Toddling period, children will begin to work on their own. This is a major milestone in their quest for independence. As physical freedom is achieved, they are ready to turn their absorbent minds toward more mentally and physically complex and challenging endeavors. Specially designed and handcrafted sensorial equipment and educational toys in this environment enable your child’s sensory exploration to fulfill his need for sorting, stacking, carrying, problem-solving, language acquisition, maneuvering, and color and taste discrimination.

The Toddler community is a child-size environment, so that the “I want to do it myself” need of the child may be fulfilled. This community allows the child to live each day to the fullest and not just be “entertained” by the actions of an adult. The Toddler program has been developed to enable the child to work independently and to explore complex materials as they grow in orderliness and build new skills.

Toddlers want to cook, clean, set tables, wash and change clothes, feed themselves and learn the names of everything around them. Separate lessons are provided for dish washing, clothes washing, food preparation, personal hygiene, language, play and sensorial exploration.

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