Quick Tips for Art with Kids

Has coming to South Shore Montessori Art Show inspired you to create art with your child? Here are some tips offered by our teachers to make art with children fun and rewarding.

1. Plan ahead. Prepare the materials and protect the environment: smocks, newspaper, soap in paint.

2. Keep the project age appropriate. For instance, finger paints for toddlers and watercolors with brushes for preschoolers.

3. Let the child choose whether or not he will participate.

4. For infants and small toddlers, the hand over hand technique is a good way to familiarize the child with the materials and movements in creating art.

5. Be patient. the process is infinitely more important than the product.

6. In Montessori, before a child learns to cut, she works with tearing paper and gluing mosaics. This action builds strength in the fingers to prepare for the more exact work of cutting.

7. Instead of color pages, Montessori art is a blank page on which the child creates what he imagines. The piece is done when the child says its done.

Enjoy exploring art with your child at home, as we do here at school!