Our History



Our School

South Shore Montessori, Inc. opened its doors on December 1, 1986 with two children. The school originally was operated close to I-45. Six years later the school moved to its current location on one acre of land at South Shore Blvd and FM 518. The staff increased from 1 to 24, to teach and supervise 98 children.

Dr. Maria Montessori

Dr. Maria Montessori was the first female physician at the turn of the century in Italy. She was also an anthropologist and an astute observer of children. After many years working with children all over the world, she came to the conclusion that education must be an aid to life and collaboration with nature.

Montessori children apply what they have learned.

Dr. Montessori observed that the adult role is to prepare the physical, mental and spiritual environment, continually observing the child.

Children learn working with their hands.

The teacher must leave the secret of childhood – each child’s secret and full potential of humanity- free to reveal itself.

The lessons are the child’s play.

Dr. Montessori’s work with young children set her ahead of her time. She described children as “sponges ready to absorb”. In The Absorbent Mind she wrote, “The immense influence that education can exert through children, has the environment for its instrument, for the child absorbs his environment, takes everything from it, and incarnates it in himself.”