Letter from the Director

I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I write and I understand – Chinese Proverb

Dear Parents, Families, Teachers, Community Members and Prospective Families,

The prime objective of South Shore Montessori is to provide a safe and nurturing educational environment for children.  To accomplish this, we promote these concepts:

  • We provide professional in-house training in the Montessori method, as well as health, safety, and classroom management.
  • Our teachers go above and beyond to get more than the regulatory requirement of 24 classroom training hours each year. This may include traveling to conferences in other cities to get the desired quality of training.
  • Our parents support the classrooms through Teacher Appreciation Week, an Art Show, a Science Fair, Parent Open Houses, Parent Work Days, Holiday Events, staff scholarships, musical talents and so much more.
  • Our Interns receive the best training through a focused and structured internship with periodic auditing by outside instructors.
  • Our Aides learn the most successful methods for educating, nurturing, and working with young children.
  • Due to the outstanding reputation of our program, our school hosts observers from Houston Montessori Center, UHCL, COM, San Jacinto College, and the local high schools to view what makes Montessori such a successful program.
  • We are always trying to improve communication with our parents. We are currently updating our website to provide accessible information about school updates and upcoming events. We will also be implementing a new social media program, which will include reaching the community and parents through Facebook.
  • Our Teachers strive to find the most effective way to work with your child both as a class participant and as an individual to instill a “love of learning” to last through adulthood.
  • Our Parents are encouraged to offer their “talents”, come to observe their child’s classroom, and to share the joy of Montessori with their friends and family.
  • Our Alumni come back to visit us, share pictures on our website, and tell us about how their time at South Shore Montessori has influenced their lives. These stories encourage our students and make our teachers feel very rewarded and appreciated!

On behalf of the World-Class staff at South Shore Montessori, we invite you to visit us and take a tour of our school, so we can show you what is in store for your child and your family.


Suzi Howe, Director