Elementary (6-12 years)

Abstract thinking only comes with the groundwork of working with the Montessori manipulatives. Math, language, geometry, science, cultural studies, ethics, and the arts all come together in the Elementary environment. Students work independently and collaboratively on projects from Ancient Civilizations to Grammar Concept Maps to the Timeline of Life.

Students meet daily to discuss Concerns, News, and Acknowledgements, in order to deal with the problems faced by Elementary age children. Academics become extremely important as the students mesh what they study with what happens in current events. They find answers to questions.

Although we do not “teach to the test”, our students consistently score above grade level on standardized testing. This frees our students to pursue special interests and projects, which will broaden their education making them more well-rounded students.

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Pic-Elem2Dress Code

– Bottoms must be khaki, navy or black. Your child may wear pants, shorts, skorts or skirts. Skirts, shorts, and skorts should be fingertip length.
– Tops may be a mesh polo or oxford shirt with collar and sleeves (either short or long) and may be any solid color.
– Shoes must be full fitted tennis shoe style (no backless). Shoes must be lace-up athletic style.

* Fridays will be T-shirt day, you can wear your school shirt on Fridays with khaki, navy or black bottoms.
* Please choose clothing without embellishments and keep accessories to a minimum to avoid distractions in class.

You can order items from Lands End with or without the school logo, or shop at your local department store.
This dress code goes into effect the first day of school. If a child does not come in dress code, they will be given a reminder the first time and then after that the parents will be called to bring the proper clothing.

Please let us know if you have any questions