5 Unexpected Home Hazards – #2

Age Appropriate Toys and Outdoor Playground Equipment Young children like nothing more than the company of their big brothers and sisters. Some toys or game pieces which are fine for older children may contain small parts that are choking hazards in

5 Unexpected Home Hazards That Send Too Many Kids to the ER

Notes from an article By Dr. Vastala Bhaskar, CentraState Medical Center #1 - CLEANING PRODUCTS STORED IN SECONDARY LOCATIONS This is the number one danger to kids. Parents often lock up these toxins when they are on the main floor of the house, but

Oh, so sweet…or Maybe Not? (Part 3)

by Glenda Blaskey Many of the foods marketed to children today are loaded with added sugars and are much sweeter than those foods with naturally occurring sugars. Children can become so accustomed to these overly-sweet flavors that they may struggle

Oh, so sweet…or Maybe Not? (Part 2)

by Glenda Blaskey, Performance Nutritionist, University of Houston Department of Intercollegiate Athletics (mom of Lauren, one of our students) Unfortunately, foods do not come with flashing signs warning us of the added sugars hidden inside. As

Oh, so sweet…or Maybe Not? (Part 1)

Glenda Blaskey is Performance Nutritionist at the University of Houston Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. She is involved in nutrition education and program operations for all 17 athletic teams. Her daughter, Lauren, is a student in 101 here

Quick Tips for Art with Kids

Has coming to South Shore Montessori Art Show inspired you to create art with your child? Here are some tips offered by our teachers to make art with children fun and rewarding. 1. Plan ahead. Prepare the materials and protect the environment:

Join our Backpack Buddies Holiday Food Drive!

Amy Kilgore with Backpack Buddies and the League City Rotary recently visited our school to involve the students in a program of giving to the needy in our community. Backpack Buddies take canned and dry food contributions and store and organize