How to Think Like a Genius the Montessori Method

Read the newspaper story - How to think like a genius the Montessori method Try seeing the world through someone else's eyes By Roberta Ness, for the Houston Chronicle June 7, 2016 Updated: June 7, 2016 11:31am  

5 Unexpected Home Hazards #5

#5- Laundry and Dishwasher Pods Sadly, we all heard last year about the baby who died after ingesting a laundry pod. Several parents have mentioned this tragedy because these detergents are found in most homes and they look like candy or small toys

5 Unexpected Home Hazards #4

Indoor Houseplants and Outdoor Trees and Flowers Most houseplants and outdoor tress, shrubs and flowers are completely safe. A few bites of even "toxic" plants usually result in no more than a stomachache. Still, some plants can definitely be

5 Unexpected Home Hazards #3

The Contents of a Handbag Handbags and backpacks are treasure chests for kids. Many people leave them open on the floor or slung over a chair. And more often than not, these items are left open. If you look inside your bag on any given day with the

5 Unexpected Home Hazards – #2

Age Appropriate Toys and Outdoor Playground Equipment Young children like nothing more than the company of their big brothers and sisters. Some toys or game pieces which are fine for older children may contain small parts that are choking hazards in

5 Unexpected Home Hazards That Send Too Many Kids to the ER

Notes from an article By Dr. Vastala Bhaskar, CentraState Medical Center #1 - CLEANING PRODUCTS STORED IN SECONDARY LOCATIONS This is the number one danger to kids. Parents often lock up these toxins when they are on the main floor of the house, but

Oh, so sweet…or Maybe Not? (Part 3)

by Glenda Blaskey Many of the foods marketed to children today are loaded with added sugars and are much sweeter than those foods with naturally occurring sugars. Children can become so accustomed to these overly-sweet flavors that they may struggle