We offer the best approach to education in a safe, enriching environment. South Shore Montessori offers a year round program, with enrollment representing a yearly commitment.

The following must be on file with the School before a student can be admitted:

* All Fees
* Completed Enrollment Forms
* Completed Medical Forms

Tuition Express provides parents the easiest payment option. We recommend that you contact us for a brochure and more information on Tuition Fees.



Ask for Tiffany, who will provide a personal tour of our facility. View children demonstrating a passion for learning, ability to choose work and engage for long periods of time, work that is fulfilling, to identify social problems and contribute to its solution, respect and restore the environment, an understanding of culture, ability of self-discipline and responsibility and this is hardly a complete list of what your child can achieve.


After your guided tour, pick up forms at our front desk and bring the forms with you upon your visit! The forms and enrollment process must be completed fully before your child can start his first day of school at South Shore Montessori.


For the Enrollment process to be completed, our South Shore Montessori School Director, Tiffany Harper, will personally meet with you and your child to test the readiness for school and at what level. You will also discuss all expectations you might have of us as a learning facility for your child, and she will explain all necessary policy and guidelines of the school.

Contact us for more information at 281-344-7345.