101 Ways to Play Outdoors

The weather is glorious here in Western Australia at the moment and my girl’s are spending most of their free time outdoors. To celebrate the simple joy of outdoor play I decided to collate 101 fabulous outdoor activities into this printable poster that you are welcome to print and display in your home or early childhood service. Most of these ideas can be enjoyed right in your backyard, they use the very simplest of ‘equipment,’ many of which you will commonly find in the natural environment. I hope it inspires your children to enjoy lots of playful time outdoors!

  1. Play leapfrog
  2. Jump rope
  3. Climb a tree
  4.  Build a fort
  5.  Play hide and seek
  6. Kick a ball
  7. Make a rainbow with the hose
  8. Pull weeds
  9.  Ride a bike or scooter or horse
  10.  Create a nature collage

See more of the 101 Ways to Play Outdoors at: http://bit.ly/1i8T4gr